Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Netflix Picks Up Teen Supernatural Thriller "The A List"

UK-produced teen drama The A List is heading to Netflix in the US and around the world after being picked up by the streaming platform.

The supernatural thriller – previously on BBC iPlayer – is set in what appears to be an idyllic summer camp, but dark secrets will turn the holiday of a lifetime into a twisted nightmare.

Mia (Lisa Ambalavanar) thinks she's all set for a summer of sun, romance and social dominance, but the late arrival of mysterious new girl Amber (Ellie Duckles) disrupts everything.

Amber is confident, glamorous and effortlessly charming and as Mia arrives at camp expecting to be Queen Bee, she instantly hates her. Determined to get either herself or Amber sent home, Mia tries a new approach as the camp votes for their Midsummer Queen.

Slowly Mia's former followers defect to Amber's side and Mia starts to suspect that there's much more at stake than a popularity contest. Amber is not a normal girl, she has powers, they are growing and they are dangerous…

Written by Dan Berlinka and Nina Metivier (Doctor Who), the 13-part series was produced by Kindle Entertainment and originally available to stream on BBC iPlayer last October.

Ironically, however, The A List will now be available on Netflix everywhere except the UK.

On the move to the streaming giant, Kindle Entertainment executive producer Anne Brogan said: "The A List is an intense and powerfully addictive drama for teen audiences everywhere.

"Dan and Nina have created a dark and compelling world brought to life by incredible performances from the show’s incredible young cast. We’re thrilled that Netflix is introducing this haunting psychodrama to a global audience."