Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Jon Favreau Promises No Delays For "The Mandalorian" Season 2, Despite Coronavirus

Jon Favreau has promised that the second series of Disney+ show The Mandalorian will arrive on time, despite the coronavirus pandemic causing delays throughout the TV and film industries.

Favreau, who acts as showrunner for the acclaimed Star Wars spin-off series, first promised the new season for October 2020 at the end of last year.

Speaking on a virtual panel for the ATX Television Festival, Favreau reassured fans when asked whether the show would be impacted by the pandemic.

“We were lucky enough to have finished photography before the lock down,” Favreau said.

“Thanks to how technology-forward Lucasfilm & ILM [VFX animation studio Industrial Light & Magic] are, we've been able to do all of our visual effects, editing & post production through systems that had been set up by those companies for us.”

Favreau also said the next season of The Mandalorian will pick up where the last episodes left off.

“As we explore partnering with new filmmakers and having new characters and going deeper with the characters we already have, it’s really been very fun and fulfilling and I hope people are having as much fun seeing it as we are having making it,” he said.

Despite the second season still being months away, The Mandalorian has already been commissioned for a third.

HBO’s "The Last Of Us" TV Adaptation Brings On New Director

It’s been revealed that director of the Emmy award-winning HBO series Chernobyl, Johan Renck, has been brought on to direct the first episode of the upcoming adaptation of The Last Of Us.

The announcement was revealed during an interview with Discussing Film, when Renck revealed that he has been recruited to direct at least the first episode.

Also operating as an executive producer of the show, Renck joins former Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin in production of the series. Neil Druckmann, who acts as Naughty Dog’s Vice President and creative director of the game series, will also be assisting in the production and writing of the show.

“I’m an executive producer and attached to it,” Renck stated. “I’m part of that series and I will be directing at least the pilot. Then we’ll see how it goes on further.”

Renck’s directing credits include episodes of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. He also received an Emmy award for Outstanding Directing Of A Limited Series for the critically acclaimed Chernobyl.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Druckmann spoke about the upcoming series of The Last of Us and the challenges of TV adaptation. He also discussed the issues faced trying to elicit the same reactions from viewers as they do while playing the games.

“Can we make you feel hate, guilt [and] shame?” Druckmann said. “Which are interesting feelings that are totally unique to video games. You can’t quite do it in films and TV.”

The Last Of Us was originally intended to be a feature-length film, until production came to a standstill in late 2016. Earlier this year, it was announced that the show would be instead adapted for television, using the events of the first game as its central plot.

MTV Movie & TV Awards Postponed

The MTV Movie & TV Awards are postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. In March, COVID-19 concerns led to events around the globe being postponed or canceled, including South by Southwest, video game convention E3, and blockbuster film premieres. With the coronavirus pandemic causing Hollywood to go dark, the fate of movie and TV award shows, including the Oscars, remains uncertain. Now, it has been revealed that the 2020 MTV Movie & TV Awards is the latest event to be affected.

As reported by Variety, MTV is holding off on this year’s MTV Movie & TV Awards for now. Though the network hadn't made an official announcement about a date for the 2020 awards show, MTV has aired the Movie & TV Awards in June for the past two years. In the event the MTV Movie & TV Awards are canceled for 2020, it will be the first time the awards show has not aired in 27 years. However, MTV is currently workshopping a plan to present the telecast later this year, likely in December. Reportedly, the network had been hoping to make that move even before the coronavirus hit.