Thursday, July 19, 2018

Jerry Seinfield On Firing Of Roseanne Barr: "You Don’t Need To Murder Someone Who’s Committing Suicide"

Jerry Seinfeld recently shared his views on the Roseanne Barr drama in a new interview. 

Barr was fired from the recently revived TV show Roseanne after she tweeted a racist “joke” about former Barack Obama aide Valerie Jarrett. 

“I don’t even know why they had to do that,” Seinfeld told USA Today. “It seemed like, you don’t need to murder someone that’s committing suicide. I thought the firing was overkill. She’s already dead.” 

Asked whether Barr should have been allowed to carry on playing the titular role, he replied: “I don’t really watch that kind of TV so I don’t know much about it.” 

He added to ExtraTV that he thought it was interesting to watch the actor “crash and burn.” “All she had to do was press ‘share’ and it was all over,” he said. “So I thought that was kind of cool cos it was different. You know, drugs and sex – those are the usual things. This was something new and I thought it was inventive.” 

Earlier this year, the comedian suggested it was “possible” that Seinfeld could return in the future. Now, however, he has cast doubt on that, saying: “I’m not a fan of going back. I like to go forward. Make up something new. I don’t like retreads, I don’t like sequels, I don’t like Throwback Thursday. I like to look at old pictures, but other than that, let’s move on.”

Hugh Grant is Killer In True Political Murder Tale "A Very English Scandal"

If you ever found the body count of lovers and their circles piled up by Francis Underwood and crew in House of Cards as too far-fetched for real life, allow me to introduce Jeremy Thorpe and Amazon’s quite excellent A Very English Scandal.

Led by a once again cracking Hugh Grant as the once pivotal and then disgraced UK politician, and Ben Whishaw as the former male model and the inamorato Thorpe tried to have killed in the late 1970s. The  limited series would have been a surefire Emmy contender for its top actors if it had come out earlier.

As it is, because the true events it so deftly depicts are largely unknown to American audiences, the three part series will make for very satisfying mini-binge on Friday night or this weekend. It would be a crime to be ignored by TV Academy voters next year.

Based on John Preston’s 2016 book on the twice-married Thorpe’s affair with Norman Scott, the almost comically bungled attempt to murder him and the 1979 trial of the well-bred Liberal leader that captivated the British public and tabloid press, the Stephen Frears-directed & Russell T. Davies-penned series finds the expanse of Grant’s skills on display big time. While Thorpe was ultimately found not guilty, Grant grimaces, growls and grandly takes this potential comedy of errors, which has already aired in the UK, beyond nonfiction farce to true tragedy with heartfelt candor over broken souls, a broken system, and a love that sadly could not and would speak its name.

President Kim Kardashian West? “Never Say Never,” Says The Celebrity

Fresh off her political triumph in getting a prison sentence commutation for Alice Johnson, Kim Kardashian West isn’t ruling herself out of an eventual run for office.

Appearing on CNN’s The Van Jones Show, Kardashian West said a political career isn’t likely right now. But, she added, “I guess never say never. But that’s not going to be like, Kim’s running. That’s not where I am.”

The Kardashian clan hasn’t clearly declared its party affiliations. Kim appeared at the last Democratic national convention & has taken selfies with Hillary Clinton & President Obama.

Still, she said she was “on the fence” about who to vote for in the 2016 election in an interview with Wonderland Magazine.

Her husband, Kanye West, has declared his admiration for President Trump, but has previously condemned Republican President George Bush as “not caring for black people.”  West has also mulled aloud running for president.

Kim Kardashian West visited the oval office earlier this month to talk about prison reform with President Trump, a meeting that resulted in a pardon for nonviolent drug offender Alice Johnson. That triumph has changed her life, Kardashian West said to CNN.

“I honestly saw that if I could use my platform just to do something for one person, that it opens the conversation for so much more and for other people to want to do the same thing. If more people would just put their personal feelings aside and talk about really important issues that have to be discussed, then so much more can get done,” she said.

Kardashian West added that she won’t follow any specific party line.

“No matter who you talk to, no matter what political party, people feel what’s right is right and that’s what I love about this, is that it can just be so bipartisan,” she said.