Thursday, November 7, 2019

Our 5 Favorite Thanksgiving TV Episodes!

From happy families to dysfunctional friends and everything in between, TV has no shortage of great Thanksgiving-themed episodes worth being thankful for. We've rounded up 5 of our favorites for you to enjoy this month. Believe me you'll watch them more than once lol. You're welcome 😊

"Friends" Season 5 Episode 8:The One With All the Thanksgivings.” Out of all Friends Thanksgiving episodes, which one is the best? We have to go with the one where the gang relives their worst Thanksgivings. It combines some of the best elements of the show, plus there are turkeys on people’s heads.

"Modern Family" Season 3 Episode 9:Punkin Chunkin.” Even if this weren't a Thanksgiving episode, it would be worth watching for the fact that the Pritchetts are throwing pumpkins. Add that to Phil's manshake and you've got an instant holiday classic.
"Martin" Season 3 Episode 11:Feast or Famine.” On Thanksgiving, the guys compete against the girls to see which gender cooks the better bird. The competition brings disastrous results. This is a must see. Hilarious lol.

"The Big Bang Theory" Season 7 Episode 9:The Thanksgiving Decoupling.” The gang spend Thanksgiving at Mrs. Wolowitz's house. Howard tries to bond with his father-in-law, and a mistake from Penny's past comes back to haunt her.
"How I Met Your Mother" Season 3 Episode 9:Slapsgiving.” What's better than Thanksgiving? Why, Slapsgiving, of course! In this episode, Marshall renames the holiday in honor of his slap bet with Barney, and waiting to see that slap (and the subsequent musical number) was enough to get us through all the ex-tension between Ted and Robin.