Thursday, November 7, 2019

"Eastsiders" Returns To Netflix For Fourth & Final Season

The fourth and final season of Kit Williamson’s Emmy-nominated LGBTQ series Eastsiders will be available on Netflix on December 1.

Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $140,000 from fans, Eastsiders, a co-production with Wolfe Video, will be back with a fourth season that picks up with the Silver Lake gang one year later. Executive produced by Williamson and his husband John Halbach, who also star, the six-episode Season 4 tackles heavy, adult-world questions like how do two human beings make love last? What does commitment really look like in a long-term relationship? And what unique challenges does a “gay marriage” present?

Cal (Williamson) and Thom (Van Hansis) are back home from Season 3’s cross-country road trip, still a couple but wondering if they are really just best friends with benefits. Douglas (Willam Belli) and Quincy (Stephen Guarino) are engaged to be married, but with very different ideas about what a gay wedding should be. Hillary (Brianna Brown) and Ian (Halbach) are cohabiting peacefully; and Jeremy (Matthew McKelligon) and Derrick (Leith M. Burke) have taken a huge step in their relationship by fostering a child.

New cast additions in Season 4 include Jake Choi (Single Parents) playing Thom’s editor Clifford, who makes him question the trajectory of his relationship; Hailee Sahar (Pose) and Tom Lenk (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as Derrick’s co-workers and confidantes at the hospital; Daniel Newman (The Walking Dead) guest starring as a playboy with a heart of gold; Lin Shaye (Insidious) as Quincy’s conservative mother, who he fears will judge Douglas for performing in drag; and Bryan Batt (Mad Men) making an appearance as Cal’s estranged father Richard, whose sudden return challenges Cal’s relationship with his mother Valerie, played by Traci Lords.

Additional guest stars include Brea Grant (Heroes), Satya Bhabha (Sense8), Jolly Abraham (Law & Order: SVU), Seth Daniel (Feral), adult film star Adam Ramzi, drag performers Marta Beatchu and Biqtch Pudding (Dragula), and social media stars Mark Kanemura (So You Think You Can Dance), RJ Aguiar, Andres Camilo, Rick Twombley-King and Griff Twombley-King.