Thursday, May 3, 2018

"Lost in Space" Boss Confirms Final Episode's Robot Twist Will Be Explored in Season Two

One of the showrunners behind Netflix's Lost in Space reboot has confirmed that the season one finale robot twist will be explored in future episodes.

Speaking to TV Guide, Burk Sharpless revealed that the reasons why the robot saved Will Robinson in the finale, despite being linked to Dr Smith (played by Parker Posey) at the time, will "hopefully" feature next season as "an ongoing story".

"Part of that is a mystery and hopefully, we [make it] an ongoing story," he said.

"The story of the robot in season one is really, is it good or is it bad? Can we trust it or can we not trust it?

"And with stories about artificial intelligence robots, there's always that moment of, 'Is it just a machine following orders or does it have free will? Does it have a soul? Does it have consciousness?'"

He added: "What we were trying to indicate is did it make an actual choice at the end for itself? Can the robot make a choice for itself or will it follow my original programming? Will it be a machine that kills or can it have true friendship? Can it have love? Can it protect this boy that I've become so attached to?

"Hopefully people will have feelings at the end that the robot has taken the first step into a larger world as well."

Lost in Space is set 30 years in the future where space colonisation is a reality, and follows the Robinson family as they prepare to leave the Earth in search of a planet that can sustain human life, before things go horribly awry and Will Robinson is told that he's in danger.

The series stars Toby Stephens (Black Sails), Molly Parker (House of Cards), Ignacio Serricchio, Parker Posey and Raza Jaffrey (Spooks, Homeland) in a recurring role.

Lost in Space season one is available to stream on Netflix.