Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Stephen King’s The Bone Church is Becoming a TV Series

Stephen King’s creepy narrative poem The Bone Church is becoming a TV series. Fans of King are currently experiencing something of a golden age of adaptations of the author’s work. Of course, the biggest was 2017’s IT, which focused on the childhood section of King’s mammoth book, and the resulting movie went on to gross over $700 million worldwide, making it one of the most successful horror films ever made.

2017 also saw stellar adaptations of King’s Gerald’s Game and 1922, which were both Netflix original productions. A TV series based on Mr Mercedes also aired in 2017, receiving strong reviews and quickly being renewed for a second season. Naturally, studios are now snapping up the rights to further King stories, and in the future fans can look forward to IT: Chapter 2, a remake of Pet Semetary and Doctor Sleep.

Reports are there's an adaptation of King’s narrative poem The Bone Church on the way. The poem is told from the perspective of a drunken bar patron, who recounts the tale of a doomed expedition he was once part to an unnamed jungle to find the mystical Bone Church. The show is being developed by Cedar Park Entertainment, which is owned by director David Ayer (Bright) and Mr Mercedes executive producer Chris Long.

While there have been a lot of quality adaptations of King’s writing of late, not all of them have worked. A TV series based on his short story The Mist arrived to much excitement in 2017, only to disappoint viewers with its tepid drama and changes to the source material. Likewise, The Dark Tower is based on the author’s epic fantasy series, but the resulting film starring Idris Elba proved a massive letdown for fans. A TV series is currently in the works, which King has claimed will be a reboot unconnected to the movie.

For the next few years at least, audiences should expect an influx of King movies and television shows. The author himself started legal proceedings last year to reclaim the rights to Children Of The Corn, Firestarter and Cujo, among others, and says producers are eyeing a new mini-series based on his apocalyptic novel The Stand, and a movie based on Salem’s Lot. The last one, in particular, makes sense since, like IT, it was also adapted into a memorable mini-series that terrified fans at a young age.

Hopefully, The Bone Church and the other incoming adaptations will maintain the level of quality seen in recent outings, because more Stephen King is always a good thing.